Mybet Review

mybet is a bookmaker who has a very solid standing in the U.K since 2002. The organization responsible for bringing us is Personal Exchange International Ltd. Founded in 2003 and its headquarters are located in Malta one of the most important locations for sports bookmakers. The Personal Exchange International Ltd. is a subsidiary of the mybet Holding SE, a stock exchange listed company.
However, their main focus is the fascinating world of sports betting and in-play betting which is clear when visiting their website. It is no wonder that our OpenOdds team was eager to put this bookmaker to the test!

The results of the OpenOdds mybet bookmaker review
Whether mybet is professional or a scam never crossed our minds during our real world test. All of the experiences concerning mybet clearly demonstrated that the people behind mybet are professionals. Furthermore the mybet review is placed in the mid field on our OpenOdds sports bookmakers review and was easily passed by the top bookmaker bet365. Nevertheless, within the OpenOdds review mybet was able to convince us due to its attractive betting odds, its usability for sports betting novices and the promising bonus program.

The final results of the mybet review: mybet received 83 of a possible 100 points. There were only a few select areas which were criticized such as the deposit fees and in-play products.

mybet experiences: A strong contender in the list of sportsbooks
Interesting mybet experiences for both novice and professional bettors.
Many good betting odds and frequent impressive top odds for individual events.
At mybet deposits can be made using the payment service provider PayPal
A well-rounded bet offer for numerous sports types
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mybet: Test for this bookmaker – extensive & to great detail
No attention to detail was spared when evaluating during the OpenOdds comprehensive mybet review. All sportsbooks, thoroughly tested by the OpenOdds team, must prove themselves in the following 10 review categories, even mybet:

Betting odds
Customer service
Sports covered
In-play product
Payment methods
Other Products
Betting limits
1.) Bonuses: Lacking a pound-friendly bonus.
The bonus program offered by mybet is a impressive event starting with a “100€ Bonus for new customers” incentive and continues seamlessly with frequent promotional bonuses for existing customers.Sadly there is currently no Pound Sterling version of the bonus available to bettors.

At mybet there is no collective bonus program with a point system such as the VIP Club offered by betsson. mybet customers are informed about up and coming special bonuses for additional deposits through the newsletter. This, plus the lack of a GBP version of the bonus is the minus point for the otherwise well-rounded mybet bonus program: many sports bettors comment that mybet goes overboard with its newsletter – according to the mybet sportsbook rating less is more! Click mybet Bonus to view our detailed review of the mybet bonus program.

2.) Betting odds: A perfect betting odds review for mybet!
The tendencies within the odds key from mybet are not as easy to read as those of other bookmakers, due to the fact that interesting odds for underdog bets, for favourite bets and for tie bets are listed within the mybet betting odds. Generally, however, we found that the quality of the betting odds focuses sharply on the sports importance of a league or an individual event. Very attractive betting odds are, for example for the Champions League and limited to only the European Championship and World Championship games taking place every two years. Since there are regular opportunities for good odds on lesser known sports types they can be inconsistent. That being said our review of the betting odds from mybet is still very positive!

3.) Customer service: Very impressive. However telephone customer support does charge.
The customer support hotline is available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., however they do charge. This is, of course, not pleasing because there are those times when issues and queries are better dealt with over the phone, especially when betting is active and there is a lot of movement happening within one’s own betting account.

The only thing that makes up for this minor mybet charge is the fact that customer support via email is not subject to a charge and which is also prompt and competent. Additionally, this bookmaker directs enquirers to its comprehensive FAQ section found on the mybet website. Here there are actually numerous questions brought forth by sports bet novices answered and in great detail!

4.) User-friendliness: Yet again, a perfect score!
Colours, form and design are all a question of taste. The usability (meaning the user-friendliness of a website) is something that can be objectively tested and measured. The regularly revised and updated mybet web portal was very convincing in numerous experiences. Even sports bet novices quickly find their way around the bookmaker mybet and are soon ready to place their first bets! The info boxes, which can be called up from virtually anywhere, are of great assistance. Theses boxes explain to novices, by using a handicap bet, realistically how such special bets work and, when this could be an interesting bet alternative for the sports bet fan to the normal three-way bet. Learning and betting all in one, that is something which we are glad to reward all 10 points to!

5.) Sports covered: Betting offers for football are exceptional, for other popular sports types there is room for improvement.
The odds offered by mybet makes a lot of the members of our OpenOdds team very pleased, however it leaves a few of them in the cold. For those who specifically enjoy football betting in general and special bets concerning football, then this is where they need to be! Within the “Sports Bets”/”Highlights” section, it is easy to see that football is the dominating sport with betting options including all of the sport’s facets.

It is also possible to place bets on other popular sports types (tennis, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, handball), but neither the bets available (lower-league divisions, lesser known teams) nor the variety of bet types come close to that of football. Classic English sports such as cricket, darts, golf, rugby league and snooker are also found at mybet and the betting range is, from our personal experiences, quite respectable.

6.) In-Play Product: Catching up to a missed trend is difficult.
It is hard to believe, but all the way up to 2010 mybet had not caught on to the crucial trend of in-play betting! From then on they have been playing catch up. Fortunately, today our mybet experience shows a rather solid live product. The focus is still directed on the sports types that from experience have the most turnover namely football, tennis, ice hockey and basketball but bar that the sportsbook is limited. Within the in-play product from mybet football takes precedence just like at many other sports bookmakers. Unfortunately, as far as live streaming is concerned mybet is still playing catch up, because of this an OpenOdds mybet sportsbook review of 8/10 has been given. If you cannot live without this aspect, then there are other top bookmakers in the OpenOdds ranking that will suit your needs.

7.) Payment methods: Making deposits is very easy, cashing out at mybet could be more flexible.
When taking into consideration that numerous other bookmakers, due to unclear legal situations, do not make it possible to use the well-known payment service provider PayPal for deposits or cash-outs, then this aspect of mybet’s license is a miracle! Making deposits using PayPal is also free of charge just like when making deposits using credit cards (MasterCard or VISA).

The only payment method for which a fee is charged is deposits for Paysafecard, a prepaid service provider. Concerning the payment conditions for cash-outs, our mybet experiences are somewhat limited. Cash-outs to a credit card are not possible; it is recommended to complete cash-outs using bank transfer or using Skrill (formerly moneybookers).

8.) Other products: mybet offers attractive distractions for stressed out sports bettors.
We here at OpenOdds have our problems with some bookmakers’ additional offers, mostly when we get the feeling that the additional offers are focused on more than the offers for sports bets and in-play bets. With the bookmaker mybet, we definitely do not get this feeling: on the homepage and within the sports bets and in-play bets sections it is all about the things that excite sporting bet enthusiasts. The only hints as to additional offers from mybet are the three subtle menu items at the top of the page. If you are curious about casino, poker or games, then this is a fast way to quiet your curiosity, furthermore all of this is presented in an enjoyable manner. If you are only interested in sports bets (this being the majority of the OpenOdds community) then these little additional offer hints will not bother you!

9.) Security: You are not left wanting.
This is exactly what we in the OpenOdds team would like to see in terms of bookmaker security! The result: no mybet scam suspicions and a perfect security score in the OpenOdds sports bookmaker review! Within the menu item “Your Safety” mybet shines with numerous relevant certificates, licenses and checkpoints. Here is where some of the buzz in the internet as to the professionalism of mybet gets silenced and should no longer be taken seriously.Data protection is also taken seriously by mybet and all interested customers are informed in detail about type and location of data storage as well as how the data is processed.

10.) Betting limits: Calculated rather low and there is not option to up the limit.
Concerning bet limits, our real-life mybet experience was not very convincing in all relevant points. Due to the low minimum amount for placing bets, mybet is very suitable for sports bet novices. However, sports bet professionals steer clear of mybet due to the low maximum bet limits which are normally between three to four digits. The earnings limit per bet is still somewhere in the range of 30,000€. If someone would like to gauge where the limit of a specific bet is, there is unfortunately no function for this within a mybet account. There is a small trick that helps to resolve this problem. Simply enter a six digit amount such as 999,999€ and then respond to the limit message with an inquiry and the desired bet sum. All of these points make it clear: the mybet bookmaker is not suitable for professional sports bettors.