Betting Basics

If you have never placed a bet on any sporting event, you should become familiar with some betting basics that will help you when you begin placing real bets.

Online sports betting is legal as long as it is being done at a site that is licensed. The site will tell you whether you are allowed to place wagers on events. For example, some sites will not allow US players to place bets and this information will be displayed on the site.

Learning the bets

Many new bettors are intimidated by sports betting when they first begin. The betting is actually much simpler than it appears to be. Many people will get hung up on trying to figure out what different odds and lines mean and how this information is interpreted. The best way to start betting is to choose a sport you enjoy.

Understanding Asian Handicap bets is important, especially when betting on team sports. This form of betting was developed to battle the problem of people always betting against the underdog. Most people will place a bet on a dominant team. To level the playing field in regards to betting, there is a stipulation that states favoured teams must win by a certain number of goals or points in order for it to actually be considered a win.

Three way ‘1X2’ and Money line bets are basically bets that are made on the outcome of a game. Odds will be adjusted to account for certain teams having advantages over others. By knowing these few things, you will be able to place a bet and known what the terminology means.