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If you’re looking for a site that offers a staggeringly large number of markets, 5plusbet is the place for you. With everything from soccer through to biathlon, the needs of every punter will be met here. What’s more, the way in which the site works is incredibly intuitive, meaning that placing a bet is as easy as 1-2-3, with no confusing menus or misleading buttons. These plus points hide a number of issues with the site though, so make sure you read the review below before you decide to sign up with 5plusbet.

If there is one major issue with 5plusbet it’s this: there is no signup bonus for new players. In a world where nearly every site offers a signup bonus, this is of course going to be a major problem – something that puts off many players. It should be remembered that signup bonuses are not the only thing to think about before signing up with a site though, so please consider all the other aspects of 5plusbet before coming to a decision on them.

There are some other bonuses offered at the site, however there is another problem here: the page that describes them is still only available in Russian, despite the rest of the site also being offered in English. Hopefully this issue will be sorted soon though when more players from outside of Russia start to play at the site.

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The depositing options at 5plusbet are as you’d expect from most sites, namely credit/debit cards, Neteller, Webmoney and Skrill. There are other depositing options as well, however these are limited to specific countries. You are able to deposit in Euros, Dollars or Rubles. Depositing is simple and funds will be in your account instantly. There is no mention of a minimum depositing amount on the site. If you are playing using your mobile phone, you will not be able to deposit using the device.

Withdrawals can be made using the same methods listed in the “Deposits” paragraph above, and you’ll have the money credited back to the same account you used to make the deposit. Players are only allowed to make one withdrawal request at a time and the money should be released to the player within three days of the request. Like depositing, withdrawals cannot be made using a mobile device.

Customer support at 5plusbet is not particularly strong. Although the FAQ section is offered in English, it has not been translated well and is therefore difficult to understand. Aside from English, the only other language supported by the site is Russian – which is the country that constitutes their main target market. Live chat is available however it’s not particularly effective, and there is no option to contact them via phone. This means that sending an email is the best way to make contact, however this is not great when a player has an urgent enquiry.

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The market selection at 5plusbet is without doubt its strongest aspect, with a whole multitude of different sports available. While all sites offer things like soccer and tennis, 5plusbet distinguishes itself by also offering many niche sports – sports such as biathlon, hurling and even chess. There is also live betting (but no live streaming) however this aspect of the site is not as comprehensive as many other places. So, if you are looking for somewhere that offers something a little bit different, this could be the site for you!

5plusbet is a mixed bag. It shows so much promise by offering a huge range of different markets, but then it lets itself down by having poor customer service and no signup bonus to attract new players. If you choose to play here it will probably be because you are a fan of a sport that is underrepresented elsewhere, however those looking to bet on more mainstream sports will probably prefer other sites. To sum up, the site is a very promising one, however some big changes need to be made in order to compete with more established online sportsbooks