The Premier League stars who have made the most successful passes this season

As one German supervisor touches base in the Premier League promising ‘full-throttle’ assaulting football, it merits recalling the expressions of his countryman Uwe Rosler.

“English football now is all that much ‘pass, pass, pass, pass, pass,’ yet you’ll go no place,” ringed the ex-Manchester City striker in 2013.

“In German football, a great deal of groups win the ball and they have eight to 10 seconds – it is the 10-second administer – you have 10 seconds to complete the assault. Each ball needs to go ahead, forward, forward. So that way to have runners going ahead constantly, so it is an extremely assaulting style in German football. That is the distinction.”

Thus, because of this, Liverpool supervisor Jurgen Klopp may be satisfied to realize that none of his new charges highlight in our rundown of Premier League players to have made the best pas.