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Not just Loris Karius: Seven goalkeepers who also goofed on the big stage

Written by Nimish Dubey

Published: May 27, 2018 4:38:03 pm

UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid vs Liverpool Loris Karius made two goalkeeping blunders in Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat in Champions League final against Real Madrid. (Source: vetembaste)

Real Madrid might have won the UEFA Champions League by defeating Liverpool 3-1 in the final, but if there was a moment that summed up the match, it was that of a tearful Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius weeping at the end of the match, and then seemingly apologising to the Liverpool fans. It was Karius’ two blunders that made the difference in his team’s 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid – an erratic throw to Kareem Benzema and then a flap at a Gareth Bale long range effort. If it is any consolation to Liverpool goaltender, he is not the first one to have messed up on the big stage. Or to be roasted by the media and followers of the game. Indeed, if there’s something that makes as much news in football matches as the goals that decide them, it is goalkeeping mistakes. You cannot but feel sorry for the men in long sleeves (generally) as all the good work that they do can be undone by a single second of human frailty. It is a cruel sport, as these seven goalkeepers will testify after their errors cost their teams on the biggest stage of them all – the World Cup.

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