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The bat spat: It’s Valencia vs Batman over club’s 100th anniversary logo

Valencia’s new logo at 100th anniversary.

For the past many years, the Bat-Signal stood for many things – distress, vengeance, guardian – but lately, it has become a ground of dispute between DC Comics and Spanish club Valencia.

With the club celebrating their centenary year, the dispute between US comic book giant DC and Valencia has resurfaced. The club symbol for Valencia features a black bat at the top, which the DC claim is a resemblance of the Batman logo.

Valencia, however, have an upper hand on the dispute as the Spanish club had been using the logo since the year the club was formed in 1919 and the bat has been long associated with the regions of Valencia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands since the 13th century. The Batman logo, on the other hand, was created in 1939.

Valencia’s longer usage of the symbol and its association with the region the club represent in Spain should stand them in good stead but DC seems to be disgruntled by the design of the new logo.

According to reports, DC Comics filed a complaint to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) after Valencia’s 100-year celebrations crest solely included a large bat, almost resembling the sign of Batman. Under the logo is the year of the foundation of the club, the current year, and an infinity sign.

A spokesperson for Valencia was quoted by newspaper El Confidencial as saying, “We are not going to stop using the bat because DC Comics says it, there is no commercial brand that has a worldwide exclusive on bats. When this club played with a bat in the chest, in the United States they were chasing bison.”

DC filed a similar complaint five years ago about the use of the bat in the club’s crest. However, no lawsuit was filed at that time.